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摘 要:为确保企业电子商务网站的安全,本文主要从系统安全、数据安全、信息传输安全来评估企业电子商务网站的安全,运用良好的高效能的服务器设备来保证网站的正常运行,并且要有足够的快带、良好的数据库服务器以避免出现网络拥堵现象所造成网站不能访问。而对于数据库在提高账户安全性的同时要对重要的数据表内的数据做好加密处理,并对数据库进行备份。在网络安全上确保数据的真实性以及交易的安全性,必须采用安全的身份鉴别技术、网络隔离技术、数据加密技术、数字签名、认证中心来保障网站信息的安全,以及支付和交易的安全可靠。企业高管也应设立相关的规章制度来管理企业电子商务网站,使企业电子商务网站正常实施。然而相关法律法规条例的设立保障企业或客户的利益。

The Research on Security of Enterprise E-commerce site
Abstract:To ensure the safety of enterprise e-commerce sites, this article mainly from the system security, data security, information transmission safety to evaluate the safety of enterprise e-commerce sites, using good efficient server equipment to ensure the normal operation of the site, and will have enough belt, good database server to avoid network congestion caused no access to the site. And for database in improving security at the same time the account within the data table of important data encryption processing, and ready to back up the database. In network security ensure the authenticity of the data and trade safety, must adopt safe identification technology, network isolation technology, data encryption and digital signature, authentication center to ensure the safety and information website pay and trading of safe and reliable. Executives should be established policies relating to manage enterprise e-commerce sites, make enterprise e-commerce sites normal implementation. However, the establishment of related laws and regulations is the interests of protection enterprises or clients.
Keywords:Business e-commerce site; System Security; Data Security;Data transmission security